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Hydraulic & Landing Gear Components Overhaul Shop

Eth MRO performs test, repair, and overhaul on DHC-8, B737NG, B777, B757, and B767 aircraft hydraulic system components.

Some of the components that the shop performs maintenance work are: hydraulic system valves, I/B and O/B spoiler Power Control Unit, Elevator and I/B aileron Power Control Actuator, Rudder power control Unit, Hydraulic Motor, Engine Driven Pump, Accumulator, Hydraulic Coupling, landing gear door actuators, steering actuators, thrust reverser actuators and etc.

The shop is equipped with computer controlled tester equipment. Major ones are:

  • Semi-automatic and Computer controlled (ADAS Console) SERVO VALVES AND ACTUATOR TESTER (AVTRON, MODEL: H335)
  • Hydraulic pump and Hydraulic actuation system test stand (AVITECH, MODEL: TK-981)

Ethiopian MRO has centralized Non-Destructive Test, Chemical Cleaning, Chemical and Electrolytic Plating, welding, Heat Treatment, Surface Treatment, and Metal Machining workshops. These workshops enable Ethiopian to conduct repair on any landing gears components. 

Pneumatic & Mechanical Components overhaul shop

Please check if open hair does not violate safety requirements

The shop has capability to test, repair, and overhaul DHC-8, B737NG, B777, B787, B757, and B767 aircraft pneumatic system and mechanical components.


Flight control linkage actuation, check valves, high pressure shutoff valves, Engine bleed valves, starter control valve, Pressure/flow regulator valve, fan assembly, aircraft window, are among the types the shop carries maintenance on.

Water and waste components overhaul shop

Ethiopian MRO has extensive maintenance capability on  water and waste components. 

Drain valves (lavatory drain, sump drain), Vacuum Toilet Assembly, Faucet assembly, Portable water tank, spigot assembly, are among the components maintained in water and waste system components overhaul shop.

Fuel and Oil components overhaul shop

The shop performs test, repair, and overhaul on DHC-8, B737NG, B777, B757, and B767 aircraft fuel system components. Some of them are: Main Engine Fuel Control Units, Fuel Nozzles (injector), Pressure fuel adapter, Fuel valves, Fuel filters, Air-Oil Heat exchangers, IDG heat exchangers, Oil Valves, and etc.

The shop is equipped with computer controlled tester equipment. Major ones are:

  • Semi-automatic and Computer controlled HIGH FLOW FUEL COMPONENTS TEST BENCH (BAUER, MODEL: 1538053-P1)

Wheel and brakes overhaul shops

The shop has capability for all Ethiopian Airlines Operated aircrafts wheel and brake. 

The wheel shop was redesigned in 2009 to operate semi automatically in a production flow principle to turnaround 1000 wheels per month. the shop is now equipped with motorized conveyor system, automatic cleaning machine, Automatic Eddy Current Inspection machine, and a self-contained stripping, painting and Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection rooms. 

On the same year, brake shop is also revamped to overhaul up to 900 brakes a year. The shop is equipped with B787 Electric Brake Test Console, and Kunz Hydraulic Brake Test benches.

Electric and electromechanical components overhaul shop

The shop is setup to test, repair, and overhaul a wide range of electrical and electromechanical components some of which are listed below. Galley Equipment,

  • Battery and Battery Charges,
  • Starter Generators,
  • Rotary and Linear motor operated Actuators
  • Blowers,
  • Cargo Power Drive Units,
  • Igniter plugs (test capability only) & ignition exciters
  • Light assemblies,
  • Smoke Detectors,
  • Cockpit Panels (Annunciator panel, Electric system panel, Lighting control panel, Air Conditioning panel, etc..)
    Different electrical modules

To provide dependable and quality service to customers (including Ethiopian Airlines), the shop equipped itself with the following state-of-the-art test equipment:

  • Starter Generator Test Stand (Testek, Model: 101690-50)
  • Linear and Rotary Actuator Test Stand (Testek, Model: 101945-P6), and
    So many more Galley equipment and other components testers.

 Radio & ife components overhaul shop

The shop comprises ATE shop, Radio and Communication shop, and Electrical Control equipment shop. 

Radio and Communication shop performs test, repair, and overhaul on F-50, DHC-8, B737NG, B777, B757, and B767 aircrafts Control, Radio, and Communication system components like ATC transponders, VHF/ HF Transceivers, TCAS processor, Radio Altimeters, VOR/Marker Receivers, VOR/ILS receivers, DME interrogators, ADF receivers, Communication and Navigation control units. 

IFE shop performs test, repair and overhaul of IFE components including Headsets, speaker panel assemblies, Passenger Control Units, Audio Accessory Units and related components, Seat Electronic box, Audio Selector Panel, Pilot call panel assemblies, megaphone, Smart Video Display Unit, and Integrated Cabin management Terminals. To perform test on abovementioned components, the shop is armed with state of the art Thales TB3 and TB6 test benches. In addition, it possesses different OEM manufactured testers in its shop. 

Eth MRO ATE shop uses Testek (Model: TS1650S) tester system to test and repair B777, B737NG, B767, B757, and DHC-8 aircrafts Generator Control Units, Bus Power Control Units, starter control units, Digital Control units, Cabin pressure Controllers, Cabin Temperature Controllers, Window Heat Controllers, Pack zone Temperature Controllers, Stall Management and Yaw Damper Modules, Standby Converters, etc. Currently, Ethiopian MRO is on the process of introducing ATEC Series 6 Automatic Test Equipment.

Instrument shop

Eth MRO performs test, repair, and overhaul a wide range of aircraft instrumentation, feedback, and indication components on its instrument shop.  Such as, Fuel / water  quantity indicators, Load select indicators, Temperature sensors, Pressure switches, flight controls position indicators, temperature probes (thermocouples), Vertical Speed indicator, airspeed indicator, radio magnetic indicator, electronic display units, Cockpit Voice Recorder, Flight Data Recorder, and so many more components.

Interior components shops

Emergency equipment's repair shop

Eth MRO repairs Air Cruiser, Aerazur, and Goodrich evacuation equipment (slide raft and life vast,) that installed on B777, B767, B757, B737NG, and DHC-8 airliners. Moreover, Eth MRO conduct checks/test on fire extinguishing system components.  

The evacuation equipment repair shop was designed to comply with OEM clean room and safety requirements.

Furnishing equipment's repair shop

This shop repairs B777, B767, B757, B737NG and DHC-8 aircrafts business and economy class seats assembly , Pilot and Co-pilot seat assembly, roller tray assembly, roller tray assy, Roller shade assembly, Baby basinet, Foldable trolley, galley insert trolley, and etc. 

The shop support operation by producing PLACARDS upon Base and Line maintenance demand.

Cabin Scheduled Maintenance 

Perform periodic cabin maintenance and refurbishment to continuously upkeep the cabin interior functionality and appearance along with the scheduled a/c maintenances.

Perform cabin reconfigurations, modifications and upgrade.

Perform periodic repair, modifications and upgrade of In Flight Entertainment.

Cabin Line Maintenance 

  • Cabin Maintenance

    Perform transit, daily and lower cabin inspection & checks to assure the cabin standard is maintained to level of safety and comfort esteemed for passenger and cargo handling.

  • IFE Maintenance 

    Perform regular check, data upload and maintenance of In Flight Entertainment systems installed into different type of aircraft.

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