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Ethiopian MRO Services is a division of Ethiopian and is established in 1957 to provide MRO services for aircraft, engines and components of Ethiopian and third party customers. The primary base of Ethiopian is at Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

At present Ethiopian  MRO has work force of over 1800 fully qualified technical staff and a facility certified by competent regulatory bodies like ETCAA, FAA and EASA. 

Ethiopian MRO has four main hangars used for airframe maintenance. A closed-door hangar to accommodate one B767/787/777, a closed door hangar to accommodate two B767/787s or four B737 size airplanes at the same time. The third hangar is open-door and can accommodate three B737 size airplanes and the fourth is an open door hangar that accommodates two Q400s. 

There are two warehouses for over 100,000 line items. The first is dedicated for aircraft parts whereas the second is used for commercial and bulk items. 

Ethiopian MRO is utilizing “Maintenix”, a state of the art MRO management IT system also Selected by Boeing for Gold-care program.

The values of Ethiopian MRO focus on the following four exceptional customer satisfaction.

  1.        Top quality
  2.        Short turnaround time
  3.        Highly competitive Price
  4.        Excellent customer service 



Ethiopian MRO has the capability to perform full airframe checks, including Heavy Maintenance on Boeing and Bombardier model of airplanes at its base station.


787,777,767, 757,737NG,737classic & MD-11



The base airframe maintenance comprises various dedicated shops. These include Structures shop, Interior Shops, Non-Destructive–Testing (NDT) shop, Machine Shop etc.



Ethiopian MRO Engine shop has full overhaul capability of CFM56-3/7, PW120, and GTCP331-200 APU as well as modular maintenance capability for PW2000, PW4000 engines supported by various repair shops.

In support of its engine overhaul facility, Ethiopian is utilizing a fully equipped with up to 100,000 pound jet engine test cell and two modern turboprop engine test beds. 

Componet shop


The base station also has different mechanical and avionics shops with a repair capability of components on Boeing and Bombardier model of airplanes. These include Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Fuel, Wheels & Brakes, Electrical, Communication & Navigation and Instrument shops.

Engineering Support

Ethiopian MRO provides Engineering support to Ethiopian Flight and Third party customer on the following:

  • Aircraft Maintenance program & Task Card Engineering
  • Aircraft System Engineering
  • Aircraft Maintenance Planning & Record Controls
  • Tool Engineering

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