Aviation Academy

The Training Solutions department of the Academy offers train-the-train programs for instructors, coaches and practical assessors in the different fields of the aviation discipline.

 Instructional Techniques

This training is designed to enable trainers (instructors) acquire the required competencies (knowledge, Skills and attitude) to become professional aviation instructors. The training is designed by benchmarking the best industry practices of aviation training and by taking into account the active training principles and the current developments in adult learning. In addition, the training has incorporated many practical activities to help trainees develop their presentation skills through sample and group presentation and by providing continuous feedback from peer and the facilitator.

 Instructional Techniques Refresher

The refresher training is intended to introduce the best industry practices and new developments in the area of instruction in the immediate past.  Moreover, it helps trainees share and learn from their experiences by brainstorming the challenges they faced and on alternative actions to cope with the challenges.

The provision of this training will also help approved training organizations (ATOs) to fulfill the regulatory body requirements for refresher training from time to time.

 Instructional Systems Design (ISD)

This training is intended to help instructors and training developers acquire the required competencies (skill, knowledge and attitude) to develop standardized high quality courses. The training is structured to help trainees go through the five Instructional Systems Design phases which are known as ADDIE, (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation)

 Coach Skills Training

This training helps trainees develop the required competencies to be good coaches in a real working environment. The training is designed in such a way that potential coaches will identify and appreciate personality types of their trainees and get general awareness of basic learning principles and specific adult learner characteristics. Moreover, it helps trainees recognize the importance of Coaching and identify the qualities of a good coach. Furthermore, trainees will do different activities to develop essential coaching techniques such as active listening skills, asking effective questions and providing effective feedback.

 Assessor Skills

The aim of this training is to develop confident and effective assessors who are going to make a sound and valid assessment and evaluation of trainees’ performance in the real work place. The training will enable potential assessors to identify the importance of assessment and requirements to be a good assessor. In addition, the assessor will also be able to identify what learning domains to assess, effective assessment (test) types for the different learning domains and apply effective assessment techniques for a practical training. 

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