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Hallelujah General Hospital

Medical Excellence with Dedication!

About Us:


Hallelujah General Hospital is the brainchild of Hallelujah Higher Clinic. Hallelujah Higher Clinic was established in 2007 along Bole Road in front of Bole Printing Press. Over the years we have provided excellent medical services through dedication and compassion. We have nourished vast knowledge & experiences with dedication and commitment applying the State- of- the-Art technology to our work.In the past few years our customers’ number has risen dramatically in need of our medical services.  


Hallelujah General Hospital aspires to be a well-organized, technologically sound and the leading healthcare provider in the city. We are dedicated to provide quality & compassionate medical services. We are very meticulous to the details of our standards, hospitality and compassion to the satisfaction our patients.


To provide high quality and specialized medical care through specialized diagnostic and treatment services, thereby complementing the preventive medical services rendered by the Government of Ethiopia. By providing a tertiary care, high-tech diagnostic/treatment services,

Consultation services and procedures

Our hospital has a total of 49 doctors and specialists of which 46 are Ethiopians and 3 doctors and form South Korea in highly specialized fields.

Emergency and Trauma Service

An 8 bed, fully monitored service run by an Emergency doctor

Internal medicine

General practioners (24 hrs. service)








Infectious disease


Oncology service




Surgical service

General surgery (including laparoscopic surgery)

Thoracic surgery


Hepato/bilateral surgery


Vascular surgery

Orthopedic surgery

Cosmetic surgery (Future planned service)

Transplant surgery (Future planned service)

Obstetrics & gynecology

Delivery service with fetal monitoring; panda baby warmers

Antenatal/post-natal follows up

Minor & major gynecologic procedure and surgery

Abdominal and vaginal ultrasound

IVF service to be started soon



Well baby/sick baby clinic

Neonatal ICU

ICU care with pediatric ventilators

Emergency drip room

Pediatric admission

Other major services

Other services


What makes us different?

Sleep laboratory

Hallelujah general hospital has organized a sleep lab which is expected to deliver a diagnostic service for the hundreds and thousands of patients suffering from sleep disorders and snoring problems. As a result, hallelujah general hospital has ventured to establish the first sleep laboratory in east Africa. We hope will also serve neighboring countries.

Pulmonary function laboratory

Our hospital besides an office spirometer will have a full pulmonary function laboratory including a diffusion capacity machine and a body box. Our platinum elite pulmonary function system will be the state-of-the-art in PFT and the the first in Ethiopia too.

Inpatient service

Our hospital is a G+6 building, equipped with the necessary modern medical facilities. It has single beds; double beds; VIP rooms along with the different beds in the medical services. We can classify the number of beds in our hospital in the following categories. Namely: 

1)      Single Rooms:

Paediatrics 1; Medical 18; Surgical 10; Obstetrics & Gynaecology 7; VIP 8

 Total = 44 beds

2)      Double Bed rooms:

Paediatrics 6; Medical 12; Surgical 6; Obstetrics & Gynaecology 6

Total = 30 beds

3)      Emergency and Trauma - 7

4)      Recovery – 6

5)      Chemotherapy  - 5

6)      Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – 7

7)      Dialysis unit – 8

8)      Neonatal ICU – 6

9)      Sleep laboratory – 2

10)   Paediatrics Emergency – 3

Total= 44 beds

Grand total = 118 (All in all the hospital has 118 beds)