Apollo Hospitals is widely recognized as the pioneer of private healthcare in India, and was the country’s first corporate hospital. The Apollo Hospitals Group, which started as a 150-bed hospital and today, operates 9200 beds across 64 hospitals. Apollo Hospitals is the largest healthcare group in the Indian sub-continent, providing high quality services for the last 33 years. Six of our hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). We are the pioneers in tertiary and quaternary healthcare services like Cardiac Sciences, Neuroscience, Orthopaedics, Oncology and Transplant Surgeries in India.  A forerunner in integrated healthcare, Apollo has a robust presence across the healthcare spectrum. The Group has emerged as the foremost integrated healthcare provider in Asia, with a network of 2,200 retail pharmacy stores, 100 primary care & diagnostic clinics, health insurance services and clinical research division. To develop the talent for the burgeoning need of superior healthcare delivery, Apollo Hospitals Group has 15 academic institutions including a medical school. The Apollo Group has touched the lives of over 45 million patients, from 121 countries.

Apollo’s first innovation was its business model itself; before Apollo, only the very privileged had the access to quality treatment, as they could afford to travel abroad. Apollo introduced healthcare that matched best-in-class outcomes, but cost only a fraction of the global prices. This led to a revolution with democratized treatment in our nation. This cost consciousness continues to be a key building block in our healthcare strategy.

Along with excellence the Apollo philosophy rests on the pillars of technological superiority, a warm patient- centric approach, and an edge in forward-looking research. Apollo's spectacular success rests on sustained commitment and investments in each of these pillars.

Apollo Hospitals stand for Expertise, Excellence and Empathy. These principles supported by few critical elements, form the DNA of Apollo Hospitals.

Clinical Excellence

Apollo Hospitals are committed to delivering unwavering dedication to clinical excellence with a strong focus on benchmarked protocols. We strive for a relentless pursuit of expertise in each medical field to combat life-threatening diseases experienced by patients daily. The hospital aims to deliver favourable clinical outcomes, using state-of-the-art facilities and internationally set standards.

Hospitality & Loving Care

Apollo Hospitals takes pride in hospitality and commitment to providing the best services from the heart. The hospital is driven by an engaged workforce and prides itself in fulfilling day-to-day responsibilities twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The hospital’s staffs extend their commitment beyond the boundaries to provide outstanding care. The medical team at Apollo Hospitals embodies a humanised approach and to alleviate any sense of stress and fear in patients they may experience prior and after their treatment. The staff creates a warm and welcoming environment a home away from home for our patients at the hospital.

Superior Technology

Apollo Hospitals’ revolutionary journey began 30 years ago with one goal in mind; providing excellent treatment alternatives and improving a patient’s quality of life. The hospital employs technologies including Robotics and CyberKnife treatments, minimising recovery time, allowing the patient to enjoy a happier and healthier life, post-treatment from Apollo Hospitals.

Quality Care at affordable cost

There is never a dull moment at Apollo Hospitals. The hospital receives over 10,000 pharmacy walk-ins, 2200 admissions, and over 3000 emergency cases daily. With every second spent at the hospital, dedicated doctors and staff perform a multitude of services including 800 CT scans, 400 MRIs, 40 Cardiac Surgeries, 700 Dialysis procedures, and 3-4 organ transplants per day. All this at a fraction of international costs.

Collaborative Care

The Centres of Excellence (Medical Specialties) at Apollo Hospitals was envisioned by our Founder Chairman Dr. Pratap C. Reddy. He believed that the emergence of new therapies, technologies, and improved diagnostics were pivotal for delivering quality treatment. Additionally, multi-specialty group practices with a combination of super specialists trained in different modalities of treatment provide patients with greater benefits and clinical outcomes. This patient-centric approach has driven greater collaboration and peer review among physicians and caregivers, leading to higher success rates.

The Centres of Excellence at Apollo Hospitals offer a one-stop solution for patients with multiple and complex medical problems, saving them valuable time, effort and cost from having to meet several doctors and diagnostic procedures to pinpoint their condition.

Major specialties including Heart, Cancer, Bones, Joints & Spine, Organ Transplants, Neurology, Gastro & Colorectal, Bariatric Surgery, Gynaecology & Infertility, and Ophthalmology are some of the Centres of Excellence available, which offers exceptional group practice programmes, including:

  • Heart Care & Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery
  • Breast Cancer Treatment
  • Infertility & Endometriosis
  • Head & Neck Oncology
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Stroke
  • Deep Brain Stimulation programmes
  • Neuro & Ortho Rehabilitation programmes
  • Organ Transplantation
  • Knee Pain Management
  • Hearing and Cochlear Implant programmes
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Gastro & Colorectal programmes
  • Trauma and Cosmetic Surgery

Over the past decade Apollo Hospitals group has built a reputation of trust and reliance with the highest quality of care delivered and outcomes unmatched the world over.

The International Patient Services Center at Apollo Hospitals Group offers a comprehensive range of services for international patients which include:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Travel arrangements
  • Accommodation for patients and companions
  • Availability of mobile sim cards
  • International staff & translator facilities
  • Visa assistance
  • Coordination of all medical appointments
  • Internet with wi-fi facility
  • Shopping & recreational options
  • Locker facilities
  • International cuisines

The relentless commitment and focus of our teams has resulted in Apollo Hospitals to emerge as the preferred medical destination for patients from across the globe.

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