SHINON is ranked amongst India’s leading international medical assistance companies. Founded in the year 2010, Shinon has emerged as the front-runner in the space of ‘organized medical value travel’. Shinon provides a comprehensive and integrated single-window solution to medical travelers across the globe who are looking for specialized care in areas such as Cardiac Sciences, Oncology, Organ Transplants, Orthopedics, Neuro-Surgery, IVF and Ophthalmology.

Shinon partners with key hospitals and institutions in India to offer seamless and hassle-free experience to enhance medical care of patients, visiting India for tertiary services and surgeries. With an unparalleled success rate, Shinon has served over 10,000+ medical cases since its inception.    

Shinon has successfully expanded its presence in Iraq, UAE, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Myanmar, Pakistan, Uganda, U.S.A., Zimbabwe, and Bangladesh and is now an established & notable name in the Global Healthcare Industry.  

Unique Value Proposition 

Shinon is closely associated with several premier hospitals and renowned doctors which provides the travelers with flexibility and choice to get treated by preferred service providers. Prior to finalization of the travel plan, a detailed itinerary & description of services is transparently shared with the patients over and above the primary remote consultations, case papers and procedure details including but not limited to period of hospitalization, pre and post-operative care, price of treatment package etc.

Shinon not only facilitates superlative treatment but also guards the patients with respect to cultural
differences, so that the mutual trust is maintained and patients take an informed decision. It is one of the few unbiased organizations which believes unconditionally in the ‘Patients First’ approach. 

Services for International Patients

  • Detailed & Customized Medical Packages With Relevant Information
  • Free Tele-Consultation With Proficient Doctors
  • Network of Internationally Accredited World Class Hospitals
  • Complete Confidentiality With Personalized Attention
  • Assistance in Arranging Medical Visas
  • Complimentary Airport Transfers
  • Patient Care Executives & Translators
  • Foreign Exchange Assistance
  • Dedicated Local SIM Card Assistance 
  • Access to International Cuisine Including In-House Cooking Facility
  • Hygienic & Budget Accommodation
  • Arrangement of Leisure Travel & Sightseeing
  • Post-Operative Care (Continuous Follow Up After Returning to Home Country)

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