Vienna ( VIE )


City Guide, Vienna

Vienna is the biggest city in the country. Located at the north east of the landlocked country in the Central Europe, It is the political, cultural and economic center of the country. Being the city of many international organizations, Vienna is the center for United Nations (UN), Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and many other international institutions.

Tourist Attractions

Arts, culture, history, nature, pleasure, recreation, relaxation, sports and whatever you want, the city is plentiful with regard to presenting unlimited alternatives to your interest. You will see many architectural and cultural showpieces from Habsburg Dynasty (Vienna was the city of Habsburg Empire between 14 and 16 centuries), museums, imperial structures, modern architectures and many green sights.

Culture and entertainments

Vienna has a versatile culture. 50 theaters, 4 opera houses, two stages for performing arts, countless music and dance festivals are the sign of rich and dynamic culture of the city. Vienna is world wide famous for its music facet. While classical music has a great run, rock, pop, jazz and many other genres are pervasive. Vienna State Opera, the City of Vienna Concert Orchestra, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Vienna Film Festival (in summer) and a lot more present a cultural feast to you.

The clemency and abundance of the Mother Nature, the fun and enthusiasm of nightlife of the city will offer you limitless alternatives to enjoy yourself. The existence of sports activities such as running, skating, swimming, biking, surfing, golf and tennis make the city a sports center. A great deal of cafes, bars and other entertainment locations are at your service all times. Vienna is famous for its wine vineyards.

Lobau as the landscape of Denube water meadows at the east of Vienna, Old Denube, Denube Island, Vienna Woods at the west of Vienna present unprecedented natural and water experiences.

Impossible to count, the infinite number of the entertainment and amusement places will faze you.

Food and drinks

Vienna is the world city with the largest vineyards. Vineyards cover an area of 700 hectares composed of the combination of four, five, six and seven districts. Viticulture is so pervasive at the city that there are 520 officially registered vineyards within the borders of the city. One third of these vineyards are used for wine production. As a natural consequence of this culture, the Viennese wine taverns are popular.

Also, the coffee houses of the city are popular. You will be able to find a coffee house at every corner of the city.

The eateries at the city appeal to every budget and comprise every cuisine.


Vienna's markets housing a great range of shops are the soul of city districts. Among these markets, Naschmarkt offers infinite kinds of foods and drinks. All sorts of fruit, meat, vegetables, wines, spices, cheeses, olives, international specialties, kebab and more are existed in the market.

Most of the streets at the center teem with shops offering a great range of alternatives. To mention one, but a lot more, Mariahilfer Strasse is the largest shopping street in the city. The shops placed at this street mostly sell literally everything.

Vienna City Map

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