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Today, Tel Aviv is Israel's second largest city (after Jerusalem), with a population of 380,000, and among the big city problems it shares is traffic congestion. Things are more spread out in Tel Aviv than the smaller cities, but it's still often easier -- and faster -- to travel by foot. " Tel Aviv is also known as, "The white city", named so in account of the the bright colors of the building style: white, off-white, light yellow. There are over 1,500 buildings marked for historic conservation in Tel Aviv.

Tourist attraction

Tel Aviv Promenade expends between Jaffa Port and the North Tel Aviv. The ancient churches, fantastic stone buildings and the alleyways are there to take you to the ancient history of the city. Jaffa Port used as a fishing port reflects the ancient times.

Azrieli Center towers (for a good view of the city, climb up to the circular tower) observatory s composed of three skyscrapers. The complex appears as the highest observatory in the Middle East.

Luna Park Tel Aviv is Tel Aviv's main amusement park. While the rides it has to offer are no competition to ones that can be found in other countries, it should still be considered for a visit by thrill-loving tourists, especially families with kids, since the park has a large amount of child-friendly rides. The park has two rollercoasters. It is located very close to the Meimadyon water park.


Tel Aviv, “the city that never sleeps,” has a vibrant club, concert, theater, art and restaurant scene.. Israel is a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities, and there is no better a way to enjoy this diversity than tasting it.

Food and drink

Tel-Aviv is a great place to find Eastern European and Jewish food (Just like grandma makes). So if you fancy Gefilte Fish or some chopped liver you’re in for a treat. Romanian and Bulgarian restaurants serving good meat are a good place to experience a different ambiance. Jaffa, as the crown queen for the Jewish Bulgarians, hosts many small Bulgarian and Romanian restaurants.

Many restaurants have adopted a fusion style cooking, well represented in Tel Aviv's cafe culture. As to fast food, all the major international food chains have outlets in Israel.


Part of any cultural experience in any city is shopping. And it is not the goal of necessarily buying something, as it is just the sheer enjoyment of walking in the streets and passing by various shops, each offering you something unique. Tel-Aviv in this sense is an interesting place to be, as it unveils its multicultural unique shopping experience.

If you are a lover of bustling streets stuffed with various shops, then Alenby Street will be your first choice. Placed at the center of Tel-Aviv, Alenby is famous for its lower price clothing shops, furniture shops, bakeries with fresh baked pastries, bookstores with a great variety of second hand books in English, Hebrew and Russian, and multiple newspaper kiosks. If the New Central Bus Station is behind you, then you are headed towards Tel Aviv's sea shore, as Alenby meets Tel-Aviv's Promenade, where you can relax in one of the beach side cafes.

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