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City Guide, Shanghai

Shanghai is known as being a center of China's commerce and finance and it is a large tourist destination because of its many historic landmarks as well as its new, modern architecture. Shanghai is also considered one of the world's fastest growing economies for a large city.

Surrounded by the East China Sea on the east, Hangzhou Bay on the south and located on Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai is a city at the west part of the People's Republic of China (PRC). Living a registered population boom after the resplendent economic achievements in the last 15 years, the city is the most populous city of PRC. Shanghai is one of the fundamental commercial, cultural, financial and industrial center of the country. It is the economic and trade center, a large industrial hub and the major sea port of China. Over 200 international companies are operating at the city. After the People's Republic of China opened up its markets to the world in 1980s Shanghai has got the attention of the world through its dramatic economic accomplishments and the transformation that the cityscape has lived after 1990s. The city has more skyscrapers than New York. Shanghai is the representative for the modern China.

Culture and entertainment

Shanghai is the cultural and artistic centre of China. Chinese cinema and theatre take their roots in Shanghai. The city played a catalyst role for the cultural evolution of China through cinema. Shanghai's culture is the composition of the Western and Asian motives.

Shanghai Municipal Performance Company, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Ballet Company, Shanghai Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Concert Hall and Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra are among the main music components of the city.

Shanghai is the pioneer of the Chinese theatre. Shanghai Grand Theatre, Majestic Theatre, and Dramatic Arts Centre Theatre are among the fundamental theatrical canters of the city. Kunqu, Yue, Beijing, Xi, Hu, Huai, Yong, and Shao operas are the special to the Chinese culture dramas staged in the city.

Food and drink

Shanghai has five food streets, lined with Chinese restaurants. Huang He Lu, Wujiang Lu and Yunnan Lu are located in Huangpu, while Yuyuan Zhi Lu is in Jing An and the relatively upmarket Zhapu Lu is in Hongkou. Whilst these areas are fantastic for authentic Shanghainese cuisine, very few of the restaurants will have an English menu or English-speaking staff.

Nightlife in Shanghai is lively. Xin Tian Di is the hottest new entertainment district, favored by tourists and residents alike. A shopping, eating and entertainment area in the former French Concession, the old-meets-new district of Xin Tian Di is busy every night of the week. The Bund and the streets of Tongren Lu and Hengshan Lu also bustle with activity.


Shanghai attracts millions of tourists via its shopping world. The city is a shopper's paradise. Department stores, specialized stores, specialty streets, Shanghai bookstores, shopping malls, the city markets, art and craft stores all offer innumerable shopping experiences.

City Supermarket (food, drink, pharmaceutical...), Nanjing West Road No 580 Ornament Market, Dondtai Rd Antique Market, Fuyou Antique Market, Yu Garden Bazaar and Lujiabanglu Komas and Fabric Market are among the significant shopping markets of the city.

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