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City Guide, Ouagadougou

Ouagadougou is the capital city of Burkina Faso in West Africa. Almost 1.5 million people live in Ouagadougou, making it Burkina Faso's largest city and its commercial capital. Ouagadougou was founded in the mid 15th century by the Yonyonse tribe who named the area “Wogodogo,” meaning "where people get honor and respect". It soon became the capital of the Mossi Empire.

Tourist attractions

All the sights can easily be reached by foot. While they are not outstanding, the atmosphere is relaxed and the Burkinabes are known to be very hospitable and friendly. One of the best known events in Ouagadougou is the bi-annual African film festival known as FESPACO. In alternating years, there is an arts festival called SIAO. Ouagadougou is a clean, ordered, polite and downright civilised city. It seems quite easy to enjoy killing time in a city full of nothing to do.

The Ethnography Museum houses an interesting and substantial collection of Mossi artifacts as the town is the center of many ancient Mossi kingdoms, while the National Museum (Musée National) in the Lycée Bogodogo has a large collection of masks. The National Museum, created in 1962, offers visitors a look at the different cultures and tribes of Burkina Faso. A library inside the museum assists tourists in exploring the culture of the people further by explaining the meaning of items sacred to the population.

Other museums worth visiting are the Snake Museum in the Collége de la Salle and the Music Museum (Musée De La Musique) with a display of traditional musical instruments. The guide only speaks French and is only worthwhile using if the visitor is fluent in French.

Culture and entertainment

The Moro-Naba ceremony (la cérémonie du Nabayius Gou), takes place every Friday at the Moro-Naba Palace. It is a very formal ritual that lasts only about 15 minutes where several dignitaries visit the palace of the emperor of the Mossi and makes a show of consulting the powerful traditional leader, the Moro-Naba (the 37th). Visitors should approach the compound from the east and refrain from taking pictures during the ceremony. This is an excellent opportunity to view traditional costumes and experience the playing of the traditional drums.

Nightlife is particularly good in Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso. There are several nightclubs in Ouagadougou, some with live music, and several cinemas, both open-air and air conditioned. Bobo Dioulasso has a lively street-cafe scene, good open-air bars and restaurants and a number of open-air and air-conditioned discos. The Wassa Club and Les Bambous are popular venues.

Food and drink

Though there are some staple foods in the country, which include maize, beans, rice, potatoes, okra, millet, yams and peanuts, there are some other foods in Burkina Faso too that are extremely popular in the country. With abundant livestock in most of the villages, eggs are available in plenty. The rivers act as storehouse to several varieties of fish, which are also consumed by the local people of the area. Meat is not eaten quite often as it is pretty expensive. Apart from these sources of protein, fresh green vegetables are available in plenty in the country.

Beer is the most common form of drink that is consumed by maximum number of people apart from water. Dolo and Bissap are the two most popular forms of beer that are available in the country. Another soft drink that is popular in the country is called Zoomkoom, made with millet flour and water and flavored with ginger and lemon.


There are many advanced markets in various places of Burkina Faso that have store of several beautiful artifacts and articles, typical of the West African country. The various marketing destinations in Burkina Faso include Ouahigouya, Dori, Bobo Dioulasso, Ouagadougou and Gorom-Gorom. Traditional articles including handicrafts and metallic statues and sculptures are the most fascinating pieces that can be picked up from these markets.

Most of the shops in the markets demand high prices for the articles, but heavy bargaining can bring down the prices considerably. The most attractive articles in the market include bronze statues and models, wooden decorative pieces, various types of masks, beautiful products manufactured from animal skin, jewelry, clothes, blankets that are hand-woven, chess sets and ashtrays. All these things can be bought as memoirs and can also act as good pieces of souvenirs.

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