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City Guide, Tokyo

The capital is the seat of the Japanese government and the residence of the Imperial Family. The centers of some of the world's biggest investment banks and insurance companies are placed at the city. Tokyo is the transportation, broadcasting and publishing center of the country. With its market capitalization, Tokyo Stock Exchange is the 2nd largest stock market in the world after New York Stock Exchange.

Tourist Attractions

Tokyo has splendid views with its expressways, rail network, famous temples and national parks.

Asakusa, the part of Taito district in the downtown of Tokyo is renown for the temples within its territory. Sensoji (Asakusa Kannon) at Asakusa is the largest Buddhist temple at the city and is one of the fundamental sights for both residents and foreigners.

There are many national parks at the city. Ueno Park (Ueno-Koen) at Taito-ku is a place for temples and museums of the city. This park is the most popular location for the blossom viewing (hanami).

Tokyo National Museum at Taito-ku is one of the most splendid museums of the city that you should not miss. You will find a collection of about 69.000 works from the Japanese and Asian art. The museum is a Japanese cultural treasury.

Culture and entertainments

The culture of Japan is rich and mostly genuine. Traditional crafts, seated mediation, martial art, Yukata and festivals are all from the Japanese social life.

Tokyo is the center for performing arts in Japan. Traditional forms of classic Japanese musical dramas such as Noh and Kabuki are being performed in the city theaters.

In addition to the park amusements, Roppongi is the most famous nightlife district of the city. You can also jump aboard a boat at Asakusa for a river cruise on the Sumida River.

Many sport activities are eligible to perform at the city. Swimming at the beaches at Miura-hanto and Kamakura, relaxation in sento-public bath and onsen-hot spring, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball and rugby are the main activities that you can do in the city.

Food and drinks

A great range of domestic and international delicacies cover all the needs and fit all the tastes. Dining opportunities do not end in the city.

The local palates are infinite in Tokyo. Sushi is one of the best palates from the traditional cuisine. The best-known Sushi style is nigiri-zushi (rice flavored with sweetened vinegar). Yakitori (barbecued chicken) is another popular palate from the city cuisine. Also, Kaiske Ryori (a menu of one soup and three dishes), Kaiten Zushi (the kind of sushi restaurants at reasonable prices) and Izakaya (a Japanese style tavern of various drinks and foods) are the popular places special to the city culture.


Department stores (depato) are ubiquitous sights of the city. Akihabara (the Electrical Town) and Shinjuku districts are the heaven of electronic shopping. Harajuka together with Shibuya are the centers of fashion in the city. These districts are the best and the most renown shopping areas for trendy, funky clothes and accessories. Oriental Bazaar at Harajuku and the Nakamise arcade at Asakusa are the best places for the traditional handicrafts and souvenirs. Street markets are also popular at the city. Ameyoko at Ueno and Yanaka Ginza at Taito are among the main open-air bazaars of the city. Tsukiji Central Fish Market at Chuo-ku is one of the largest fish markets in the world.

Tokyo City Map

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