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City Guide, Niamey

Niamey is the capital of the country of Niger. It the largest city of Niger and it lies on the Niger River. It is the cultural, administrative and also the economic center of the country.In Niamey, millets are grown and there are also some manufacturing industries.

The French influence is still perceived in the country, which has declared its indepence in 1960. As 98% of the population is Muslim, visitors from Turkey are approached with sympathy. One of the worst flood disasters of the last 100 years took place in September 2012, in Niger. Nigerien media extensively covered news pertaining to the relief efforts by organizations in Turkey. Prior to visiting Niger, you need to be vaccinated against yellow fever. The most suitable months to visit Niamey are between December and February, when the weather is mild and dry. The time period between June and October are when there are rain showers.

Tourist attractions

Niamey Attractions also include Grand Marche, which is a famous market area in the place. Musee Nationale du Niger is a must visiting place in Niamey. This place is close to the River Niamey. There are also many famous restaurants in Niamey. The city of Niamey has the Diori Hamani International Airport. Visitors can also visit the American School of Niamey. The city has got interesting local music which would definitely attract the tourists.

Another major attraction of the city of Niamey is the giraffe herd which is situated at about 45 minutes outside of the city. Guided tours are available for the tourists to visit the place. To get into the city of Niamey is not a problem. The tourists can take flights from France to come to the city of Niamey. Taxis are available to tour inside the city.

The tourists can also visit the Wadata Artisanal village which is famous for traditional craft goods which are simply excellent to look at. Eating out in the city is not at all a problem.

Culture and entertainment

Museums, Public Squares, Historical Locations, Monuments ,The National Museum is one of the most visited places in the capital city. On many publications, it is presented among the best museums in Africa. This museum provides an important opportunity to get to know Niamey and Niger. There are hundreds of ethnic groups in Niger. In the museum, there are many pavilions that are individually dedicated to these groups. In these pavilions; clothing, articles, and objects belonging to the culture is on display. Another noteworthy resident of the museum is the 15 meter long crocodile skeleton. It evokes a feeling of awe in visitors who see it. You can also see many different ruins dating back to prehistoric times.

The French Cultural Center (Centre Culturel Franco-Nigerien) and the Oumarou Ganda Cultural Center (Centre Culturel Oumarou Ganda) can be visited. Concerts and exhibitions are organized in these centers. Centre Pour la Formation et Promotion Musicales is the largest education and performance center in Niamey. If you obtain information about the schedule beforehand, you can listen to some local music here. Another place where you can meet local people is the hippodrome. There is no entry fee for this place. It may be interesting to see the atmosphere during races that take place here, usually on Saturdays.

Food and drink

Be sure to try all the local specialties rather than only sticking to ex-pat restaurants. Niamey food is incredible, unique, and not-to-be-missed. You didn't come all this way to eat the same food you get at home.

The traditional food of Niger can be said to be couscous. Dishes with meat and chicken are cooked with sauces and served with either couscous or rice. The good quality and sanitary restaurants to eat in Niamey are generally located on the riverbank and in hotels. Since the French colonial era, it is possible to find high quality restaurants serving French cuisine in the city


The huge market of Grande Marche is the centre of shopping in Niamey. There are abundant vendors selling local produce, such as colorful fabrics, clothes, household goods and crafts, among others. In addition, there are several smaller markets in the city often with fruits, vegetables and food for sale. You can also find beautiful local handicrafts in the National Museum and in the The Wadatta Artisanal Market. Bargaining is a norm when shopping in Niamey.

Niamey City Map

City Office
City: Niamey
Address:   1st Floor Euro World Chateau 1, BP: 11110, Niamey – Niger
Phone: +227 20727272 / +227 20727373
Cel: +(227) 91856720
E-mail:,,,, (GSSA),

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