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City Guide, N’djamena

Chad is a landlocked country in central Africa. The country is bordered by Libya to the north, the Central African Republic to the south, Sudan to the east, Cameroon and Nigeria to the southwest, and Niger to the west. Chad experiences a hot, tropical climate. Temperatures vary in different areas. In the southern part rainy season lasts from May to October. In the central region rains lasts from June to September. The north has little rain all year. The dry season is often windy and cooler during the evenings.

Tourist attractions

The chief tourist attractions in N' Djamena are the colonial buildings belonging to the era of French occupation. Also there are certain government buildings that stand out among the typical sahel-style huts that dot the city. There is a specific African feel to the N'Djamena city as the people have retained their traditional customs and faith. Most of the people being Muslims, it is advisable for travelers to abide by the Islamic courtesies. The Central Market area in N' Djamena is the place to look out for all sorts of necessities, from vegetables and poultries to books and clothes.

Culture and entertainment

One can visit the Chad National Museum and the Chad Cultural Center. Both the places will help you in gaining some knowledge about its cultural heritage. There are mainly 6 national holidays that are observed throughout the year in Chad.

Among the Chad Holidays, there comes the Christian holiday of Easter Monday and the Muslim holidays of Eid ul-Fitr, Eid ul-Adha, and Eid Milad Nnabi. There are some other instruments and their combinations that are more linked to specific ethic groups like, the Sara who prefer whistles, balafones, harps and kodjo drums and the Kanembu combine the sounds of drums with those of flute-like instruments.

Food and drink

Traditional cuisine in N’djamena is a mixture between local dishes and French and Arab cuisine. Among the main ingredients is the millet, sorghum, rice, different types of fish especially perch, eel and carp, meats like the mutton and chicken, vegetables like the locally found okra and cassava leafs and many spices. Desserts usually have as ingredients local fruits like the bananas, mangos, raisins, guavas, nuts and more. Local beverages are alcoholic like the beer and wine or nonalcoholic like the juices obtained from different fruits or vegetables combined with sugar and are much appreciated by the city’s inhabitants. The Hotels in Ndjamena are situated at convenient points of the city and is in close proximity to all the local attractions.


The city has yet to develop a modern, Western style shopping experience so the best shopping can be found at the various markets scattered around the city. Also, being a predominantly Islamic country, there is little to no nightlife.

N'Djamena City Map

City Office
City: N' Djamena
Country: Chad (Republic of)
Address: Ethiopian Airlines, Chad, NDJ, Avenue Charles de Gaulle, Infront of Eco Bank
E-mail: Reservation: ndjres@ethiopianairlines.com
Sales: DadjeF@ethiopianairlines.com
Area Manager: AshenafiB@ethiopianairlines.com
Phone: Reservation: 23566254531 Mrs Felicitien
Sales:23562528246 Mr Francis Dadje-Djim
Area Manage: 23566896226 Mr Ashenafi Bedaso
Fax: (251-011) 661 1474
Working hours: Monday-Thursday 08 am - 03:30 pm,Friday - Saturday 08 am -12:30 pm
Airport Office
Airport: Hassan Djamous International Airport,N'djamena.
Phone: 23566990303
Email: Ahmat Mahamat Customer Service Agent Airport
Working hours: Every day (08H00-16H00)

N'Djamena International Airport Map

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