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Maputo, formerly Lourenço Marques, is the capital and largest city of Mozambique. It is known as the City of Acacias in reference to acacia trees commonly found along its avenues and the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. This city is an African port and the capital of Mozambique. Maputo is fast becoming a major commercial and tourism hub in Mozambique.Maputo is located on the west side of Maputo Bay, near the Estuário do Espírito Santo where the rivers Tembe, Umbeluzi, Matola and Infulene drain.

Tourist attraction

The Maputo Sights will enchant you with museums, galleries, historical building and modern monuments. Maputo Elephant Reserve (Reserva Especial de Maputo) is one of the majour tourist destination which is situated almost 40 km off the coast of Maputo. The island is a popular destination of tourist. There are various beautiful beaches, some of the Mozambique Channel's best coral reefs, a historic lighthouse and marine biology museum and large areas of protected forest. It is a favorite destination for South African divers and snorkellers. Game fishing is also popular.some of the other turist attractions places  are Jardim Tunduru, Cathedral of Our Lady of Conception, Praca dos Trabalhadores and City Hall

Culture and entertainment

The culture of Mozambique is in large part derived from its history of Bantu, Swahili, Arab, and Portuguese rule, and has expanded since independence in 1975. The majority of its inhabitants are indigenous. Its main language is Portuguese. Its median religion is Roman Catholicism, but only about 40% of the inhabitants are Christian. It has a rich history in the areas of arts, cuisine, and entertainment.

This historical museum holds detail history of Mozambique's war for independence from Portugal. There are various things as on display, such as maps, photographs and weapons which were used in war. Some pictures show the violent struggle against Portuguese colonialism. Portuguese language is used for caption and text.

Opened in 1989, this museum is a very good example of art. It is situate in the Bairro Central. The museum displays best collection of sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints and mixed media.

Food and drink

Mozambique’s cuisine is mainly Portuguese with Far Eastern influences. Restaurants are found in main towns and hotels. Maputo Restaurants have the best sea food dishes, as the residents of Maputo are seafood lovers. Here in Maputo, you can find a variety of restaurants serving different local and international dishes that stimulate your taste buds.


Maputo is one of the best places to buy the traditional Mozambique products. Central market is located at downtown near the main train station. It is a very famous and largest shopping area in town. This market features variety of items from clothing to cookware, food products to hand crafts etc. There are also inexpensive souvenirs and t-shirts available in this market.

Maputo's beaches and city streets are some other places of shopping. There are also some traditional products for sell includes shoes, hand painted clay pots, food, sunglasses, watches and jewelry.Specialty products include African fabrics with both waxprint and woven, which can found in fabric shops in town. Cashews is one of the most famous product. Many shops offers roasted, salted, plain, cashews in all over the town. Wood carvings, boxes, picture frames from curio vendors are some special items. Batik cloth is also one of the famous products among the tourist. Batik cloth ranging from the tacky animal stuff to glorious works of art. Rather than traditional products there are some shopping centres which are mention below.

Maputo City Map

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