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City Guide, Muscat

Muscat, Mutrah and Ruwi are the core districts of the capital of Muscat. The city rose to prominence in the 14th centuries as a small but important trading post, trading with places as distant as Africa and the Far East. The present day Muscat is the old port area and the Sultan’s palace is located here. Mutrah, about three km North West of Muscat, is the main trading and residential area. A few km inland from Muscat and Mutrah is Ruwi, the modern commercial district of Muscat.

Tourist attractions

Muscat's picturesque old buildings co-exist with modern, commercial and residential quarters giving the city an ambience of its own. The seaside palace of H.M.Sultan Qaboos Said , nestled between steep rocky hills, offers a spectacular sight, especially at night.

Muthrah souq is a meandering maze of shops with unique sights and smells. The entrance to this souq is off the Corniche. Another smelly souq, yet unique in its sight and feel, is the Fish Market with its fascinating array of fish at the northern end of the Mutrah Corniche. Best time to get there is early in the morning to see the night’s catch coming in.

Restored forts at Jabrin, Rustaq and Nizwa are well worth a visit. Riyam Public Gardens , along the Corniche, offers excellent views of the harbour from the incense burner monument. There is also a Children's fun park with lots of rides. Qurum Natural Park features a boating lake and water fountains, is also the home for Funworld, a children’s entertainment park.

Culture and entertainment

The city of Muscat also has a bustling commercial area and several historical sites as well. If you are at Muscat, you will get both the taste of the lofty mountains and the gurgling seas at the same time. Muscat is surrounded by volcanic mountains and the outstretched beaches of the Arabian Sea are a pleasure to be at. Other than these natural attractions, the city of Muscat is culturally very sound. The base of the culture of Muscat reflects typical Arabian traditions. The historic forts, Muscat museums and buildings reflect Muscat culture and the rich history that lies behind the city.

Food and drink

Meals are a social gathering in Omani culture, and an invitation to an Omani family meal is an honor (though not rare—Omanis exhibit excellent hospitality). The main meal occurs at midday and begins with coffee (kawha) and usually ends with the burning of incense. Aroma is very important in an Omani kitchen, so spices are picked and used with great care.

A typical Omani meal is rice mixed with some kind of meat. Maqbous, for example, is rice tinged with saffron and served over a spicy red or white meat. Spiced lamb and fish (e.g. kingfish) are among the popular meats. One of the most famous Omani dishes is halwa; this sticky, sweet spread made of honey, sugar, eggs, and spices, can go on or in almost any dish.

Peoples drink of choice is kawha, Omani coffee. Kawha is flavored with dates or halwa and is served with most meals and to visiting guests. Tea is occasionally an alternative to kawha, but tea has nowhere near the popularity of kawha.


Shopping in Muscat is a very sought after activity among the tourists visiting the Gulf. The local residents as well as the tourists enjoy Shopping at Muscat. The visitors get entertained from shopping. Most of the shops in Muscat remain open in the morning hours and close for lunch. The tourists can chance in buying any kind of item as Muscat is rich is various products. There are many shops which serve the guests round the clock like the Old Muttrah Souk, it offers the tourists with variety of shops. All the shops are known to provide excellent items. The souks have added an extra touch to the Muscat Shopping. The visitors can choose from the plentiful local crafts and also European products such as clothes and perfume. Shopping in Muscat allows the visitors to explore authentic Arabic products such as Arabic rugs, Middle Eastern souvenirs, oriental crafts, incense burners and other commodities.

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