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City Guide, Lome

Lomé, is the capital of Togo. Located on the Gulf of Guinea, Lomé is the country's administrative and industrial centre and its chief port. The city exports coffee, cocoa, copra, and palm kernels. It also has an oil refinery. Lomé lies in the extreme south west of Togo, up against the Ghanaian border.

Tourist attraction

The tourist attractions in Lome lure tourists from all over the world to their precincts with their innate charm and heritage. It reflect different cultural aspects of Togo to their on-lookers through their architectural nuances.

Lome offers ample places for sightseeing in Lome. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Lome are Lome Grand Market, Voodoo Market, Togo National Museum, Lake Togo, Beaches, University of Lome, Lome Cathedral and 2 Fervrier Sofitel Hotel. The Fervrier Sofitel Hotel is the city's tallest building. The University of Lome is situated in Lome Tokoin Campus. The city is home to stunning white sandy beaches. The tourists can go for excursions to Davie, Aneho and Togoville.

Culture and entertainment

Togo culture is highlighted by its prominent festivals, out of which Evala is the traditional fighting festival that last for 10 days at a stretch. The very ablest of sportsmen enter the arena to engage in a battle of the best.

Lome, one of the small yet prospering countries in Africa has number of places ideal for short excursions. Home to varied types of tribal communities, there are many villages, which are the center of culture and tradition in Togo. Local festivals and the bursting market places are part of the Excursions in Togo.

The country with varied geographical features experiences an exotic tropical climate. The country witnesses two seasons: the west season and the dry season. The best time to arrive in Togo and go for an excursion is from November to February. Southern part of the country is the coastal region, which can be visited from the months of December to March.

Food and drink

Togo food preparations are hugely influenced by all the invaders that had for long occupied the land, making Togo the hub for slave trade. Basically the food of Togo is health friendly and delicious. The demand or Togolese chiefs in African countries is due to their deft culinary skills. In Togo tourists can settle for both traditional food items of Togo as well as European food. French and German influence on the food of Togo is prominent.


In downtown part of the city of Lome you will find many small handicraft shops and markets in Lome where you can shop wooden statutes, masks, animal art, batiks and jewels. The beaches are dotted wit artisan shops. While on the shopping tour pay a visit to the Lome Grand Market and the Voodoo Market. Lome shopping is great fun. In Makola Market you can bargain and buy things at half their prices if you have the gift of gab.

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City Office
City: Lome
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Fax: 228 22221832
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Airport Office
City: Lome
Mailing address: Aeroport Gnassingbe, Eyadema P.O. BOX 12923, Lome, Togo
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