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City Guide, Luanda

Luanda is actually a port on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the largest city of Angola. Luanda is the chief port and administrative center of Angola. The city produces a number of things. Luanda produces processed foods, beverages, textiles, cement and other construction materials. Plastic products, metal ware, cigarettes and shoes are also produced by the capital of Angola. Luanda is also famous for refined petroleum. Such Luanda facts give you an insight of the city.

Tourist attractions

There are many tourist attractions in Luanda, the biggest and the capital city of Angola .So, sightseeing in Luanda will really be a very exciting affair with so many shopping destinations, the craft market boasting of traditional handicrafts, among others. Apart from that there are several restaurants, pubs, cinema complexes and leisure activity centers. The Game Parks, the various historical structures and monuments will surely add charm to the Luanda Tour.Some of the most important tourist attractions for planning excursions in Luanda are:

Kissama Game Park: It is a vast game reserve located to the south of Luanda. At present a program called Noah's Arc is going on to restore wildlife, comprising elephants and many other animals in the reserve.

Mussolo: This is an island just few kilometers away from Luanda. The Angolan National Bank, National monument.

Culture and entertainment

Luanda is built around its harbour and overlooks a thin long island -- Ihla. The heart of the city is known as the Marginal, it runs along the harbor promenade. Luanda has many interesting sights given its rich history and location on the coast. Some of the cultural heritages places are Museu de Antropologia, Fortaleza de Sao Miquel, Palacio de Ferro and colorful churches.

Food and drink

Most of these restaurants and bars in Angola are known for their local delights which include the “calulu” which is a preparation made of dried meat, or dried fish and cooked with layers of fresh meat and fresh fish cooked with generous portions of onions, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and okras. Angola restaurants and bars will offer an extensive platter which includes items like “chicken muamba” which is a chicken preparation made with hashes of palm oil.


Shopping in Angola is as good as an adventure as you go out for souvenir hunting you will be tempted with quite a few items. After completing the Angola tours you can take some time to visit the colorful bazaars, souks and street markets which are the best places to get the best souvenir for your loved one. Shopping in Angola will be an interesting affair as you will be tempted with many quaint and cute items like Zulu beadwork, copper jugs and African masks and necklaces which are made by the local people.

If you are really lucky then you will have ample options during Angola shopping like the souvenir items which are made of coral, shell and hardwoods.

Luanda City Map

City Office
City: Luanda
Address: Largo 4 De Fevereiro Hotel presedant Meridian
Mailing address: Ethiopian Airlines P.O. Box 1044, Angola-Luanda
Phone: (244) 944790291
Fax: Nil
Working hours: Mon - Fri 08:00-16:00 (Working through lunch) 
Sat 08-1200 & Sun Closed(Airport office open))
Airport Office
Airport: Airporto 4 de Fevereiro
Phone: (244) 914526675
City Ticket office
City: Luanda
Address:Largo 4 De Fevereiro Hotel president Angola
Tel: 244944790293
Fax: Nil
E-mail: l

Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport Map

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