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City Guide, Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the capital of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. It is located in the South Eastern part of Brazil.

This city covers an area of 1,523.0 square kilometers and has a population around 11 million that makes it the most populous area in the southern hemisphere. It is said to be the 2nd largest city with 29 million inhabitants.

People from the city of Sao Paulo are popularly known as paulistanos. The most-known nickname for the city is "Sampa". Sao Paulo has gained international fame for its smog, the flexible weather and multitude of skyscrapers, occupying the 7th position in the skyline ranking.

Tourist attraction

There are innumerable tourist attractions in Sao Paulo, which have attracted tourists from all the corners of the world for years. A fine blend of natural beauty and man-made architecture in the largest city of Brazil, Sao Paulo, can be experienced by the tourists.

The old buildings of Sao Paulo carry several marks of the colonial rule in Sao Paulo. The Sao Paulo tourist attractions are spread throughout the city and the tourists find the enjoyment in exploring each corner of it. Several tour guides in Sao Paulo help the tourists to plan their trip efficiently. This helps in visiting the entire city completely.

Culture and entertainment

São Paulo boasts the most vibrant and varied cultural scene in Brazil. Moreover, Sampa is blessed with an incredible number of topnotch cultural centers, cinemas, theaters, and concert halls, giving those in need of diversion endless options.

Sao Paulo is the hub of Brazilian culture. The theater halls in this city present a number of theater shows, which are recommended not to be missed by any chance. Various forms of art like dance, music and theaters form the crux of the theater performances in Sao Paulo.

Apart from enjoying every bit of those performances, the tourists are bound to be attracted by the design of the theater halls. The graffiti art of Sao Paulo is also one of the major attractions for the tourists.

Food and drink

Sao Paulo food and drink is very different from many of the other cities in Brazil. In fact, you’ll find that almost every Brazilian city has its own regional flair when it comes to the local cuisine. Why is that? Each city is made up of very diverse inhabitants! And in Sao Paulo, there is a large Japanese community that has heavily influenced many of the food selections in the city. There are also many Middle Eastern and Lebanese restaurants, making Sao Paulo one of the best places in all of Brazil to try new kinds of cuisine from across the world!

Of course, it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of Sao Paulo’s favorite local dishes before you head out to eat – you can’t truly experience the city if you haven’t eaten Sao Paulo food and drink like a local!


There are several key Sao Paulo shopping areas to visit, the first being the neighborhood of Jardins, full of high-end fashion boutiques. Head to Rua Augusta or Alameda Lorena for international styles and brands of clothing, expensive jewelry and luxury gifts, and gourmet restaurants and cafés.

Sao Paulo shopping can also be found at the malls, which are all very upscale, high class and elegant. There are many sophisticated stores and refined jewelers, as well as fine dining restaurants! Make sure you dress your best when visiting a Sao Paulo mall.

Sao Paulo City Map

City Office
Address: Rua Rafael de Barros, 210 – 4º andar, Cj 41 Paraíso, São Paulo, SP CEP 04003-040 - Brazil
Phone: Reservation & Ticketing Office/Refund related calls
+55 11 4063 5199 

City Admin Office: 
+ 55 11 3411 1875

Area Manager: 
+55 11 99192 2337 

Global Call Center Toll free No
+55 113 181 3958
E-mail Reservation & Ticketing Office:

City Admin Office:
Working hours 09:00 – 18:00

Airport Office
City Sao Paulo
Address Guarulhos International Airport
Phone: +55 11 2445 4157+ 55 11 7740 8156
E-Mail: Grupaxservices@Ethiopianairlines.Com

Cargo Office
Address Hae – Heavyweight Av. Dr. Cardoso 
De Melo, 1460 Sl 63 6º Andar Vila Olímpia - São Paulo-Sp
Phone: +55 (11) 3881 8735
+55 (11) 7777 6107
E-Mail: Alyne.Fukuda@Haegroup.Com

General Sales Agent
Country BRASIL
Name of Aviareps Office AVIAREPS Assessoria em Turismo
Country Manager MARCELO KAISER
Marketing and PR Coordinator Ms Luise Sanches
Finance Ezequiel Dos Santos
Reservations & Ticketing Mr Dalton Costa
Operating Hours 09:00 - 18:00 (accessible to the public)
Address Rua Dr. Rafael de Barros, 120. – 4th Floor
PARAÍSO, São Paulo/SP CEP: 04003-041
Phone 55 11 4063 5199

Sao Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport Map

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