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City Guide, Kinshasa

It is the largest city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and also the capital city of the country. It is located on the bank of the Congo River, the longest river in Africa.Kinshasa is located at the south bank of the river Congo. The city lies just opposite to the city of Brazzaville, which lies at the north bank of Congo and is the capital of the Republic of Congo.

Tourist attractions

Sightseeing in Kinshasa allows the travelers to have a glimpse of the vibrant modern city which has strived hard to carve a niche for itself in the world tourism industry.The Congo basin which stretches for over miles is one of the most beautiful regions in the African continent. Kinshasa tours comprise a visit to places like The Grand Marche. The literal translation of the word means the big marketplace.

Sightseeing in Kinshasa will be incomplete without a visit to the well-maintained Kisantu Botanical Gardens. Home to some of the rarest plants from all over the world this garden is a perfect gateway for all those nature lovers who crave for a break from the doldrums of the city life.

Culture and entertainment

Kinshasa is one way of exploring the rich culture and heritage of the Congo basin. As you look around you cannot miss the Art Symphony which has preserved the local traditions intact and this also acts as a platform where the local artists can perform before the foreign tourists. If you are done with the Kinshasa sightseeing then you can go to Chutes de Lukia which is only a little away from the city. This place is famous for the Bonobos or the pygmy chimps. An orphanage has been set up to protect this rare species that have fallen prey to the shameless greed of the poachers. Excursions from Kinshasa will take you to a number of interesting places like Kinkole Fish Market, Kisantu Botanical Gardens, Chutes de Lukia and Lac de ma Valle.


Kinshasa is the perfect place to shop for some of the brilliant art works of Congo.  Here there are many places where they can go for buying at reasonable rates. Shopping in Kinshasa will be an altogether different experience. The trend of hand painting has survived flights to Kinshasa through these centuries as the local people have relentlessly protected their indigenous culture since last many centuries. Shopping in Kinshasa will be incomplete without a visit to the shops of the copper artists. There are many government shops and small boutiques that are famous for copper.

Food and drink

The Cuisine of Democratic Republic of Congo is by large a combination of the fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, grains, fish, milk and meat products. These ingredients are cooked with right spices and in right style to make them taste delectable. Giant oysters, fishes and shrimps are an integral part of the cuisines of the Congo.

There are several Restaurants of Democratic Republic of Congo that cater to the taste of the individuals. Some of the restaurants in the Democratic Republic of Congo include Lolo La Crevette, Dusty Dishes, La Savane and many others.

Kinshasa City Map

City Office
City: Kinshasa
Address: 30 Juin Blvrd Aforia Immeble 1525,
Mailing address: P.O.Box 7585, Kinshasha Gombe
Phone: 00243-0817006585 / 810884000 / 0817006588
Working hours: Mon - Fri 08:30 - 16:30 Sat 08:30 - 12:30
Airport Office
City: Kinshasai
Airport: Ndjili International Airport
Phone: +243817006589
Working hours: Mon-Sun 0830-1630
Airport Office
City: Lubumbashi
Airport: Luano International Airport
Address: Cocoa House House Ground floor, Kwame Nkrumah Avenue
Phone: (243)812771780/ +243 818 780 779
Working hours: Vary according to flight schedule
General Sales Agent (GSA)
Company: Alamdar Tour and Travel
Address: Lubumbashi D.R.Congo
Phone: +243816546523 and +243817789225
Working hours: Mon – Fri 08:00 – 17:00, and Sat 0800-12:30

General Sales Agent (GSA)
Company: Alamdar Tour and Travel
Address: Kisangani D.R.Congo
Phone: +243814547062
Working hours: Mon – Fri 08:00 – 17:00, and Sat 0800-12:30

City: Goma
Address: 18 Boulevard Kanyamuhanga, central ville-Goma
Phone: +243 973 487 778 /+243 997 384 447 /+243 896 770 220
Working hours: Mon-Sat 0830AM-0600PM

City: Goma  
Airport: Goma International Airport
Phone: +243 973 487 778/+243 997 384 447/+243 896 770 220
Working hours: As per flight schedule-Mon,Wed,Fri and Sat

N'djili Airport Map

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