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City Guide, Dakar

Dakar is the capital city of Senegal in West Africa. Over 1 million people live in Dakar (double that for the whole metropolitan area) making it Senegal's largest city. Dakar is located on the Cape Verde peninsula that juts into the Atlantic Ocean.

Today, Dakar is a sprawling, lively cosmopolitan city. Modern buildings stand side by side with impressive colonial architecture. It's a big African city so it's chaotic, crowded, and dusty and hustlers abound especially around the beaches and markets.

Tourist attraction

There are numerous Tourist Attractions in Dakar. The Tourist Attractions in Dakar have a historical importance of their own. One of the celebrated Tourist Attractions in Dakar is the IFAN Museum in Dakar. Various kinds of African art are displayed in this museum. If you are a lover of art then you will love to visit this museum over and again. The main attraction of this museum is the wide range of masks that are exhibited in this IFAN Museum. The masks and the beautiful statues of the museum belong to West Africa.

The other popular Dakar Tourist Attractions is the Maison des Esclaves in Dakar. This Maison des Esclaves in Dakar was the place where the slaves were sheltered. This historical building is located in the eastern coast of the Goree Island.

Culture and entertainment

Dakar is home to the IFAN (Institut Fondamental de l'Afrique Noir) art museum, one of Africa's largest collections of African art, and many private art galleries. The city also holds Dak'art, a biannual visual arts festival. The festival is often beset with logistical problems, but draws a considerable amount of talent from Senegal and the African continent.

Dakar is home to a thriving nightclub scene, with venues to suit every musical taste. Clubs on the Plateau play European and Middle Eastern music, while the Médina is home to Senegalese mbalax music. Jazz and salsa music can be found throughout the city, and Senegalese, European and American rap is popular with the city's youth.

Well-known musicians include Youssou N’Dour, a Dakar native who put Senegalese music on the world map, Omar Pène, a Pikine native who played in the legendary band Super Diamano de Dakar, and Senegalese rap stars Daara J. has an extensive list of Senegalese musicians including audio samples.

Food and drink

You will find Hotels in Dakar in Senegal which fulfill all your accommodation needs and will make you feel at home. These accommodation options range from 5 stars, 4 star to 3 star to low-budget accommodation. You can select among the various choices of hotels present in this city according to your convenience and budget.


Kermel and the Sandaga, both in downtown Dakar are the major markets in the city. The Soumbedioune Village, a short taxi ride away is also a famous market. The Kermel offers fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers and the Sandaga specializes in clothes and fabrics. The Soumbedioune sells plenty of art and craft items. Other markets in Dakar specialize in fabrics or gold and silver jewelry.

Dakar Map

City Office
City: Dakar
Address: Immeuble la rotonde Rue Dr Theze
Mailing address: P.O. Box 50800 CP18524 Dakar, Senegal
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Phone: 00 221 33 823 55 52/54
Fax: 00 221 33 823 5541
Airport Office
Airport: Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport
Address: Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport
Tel: 00 221 33 820 93 96, 00 221 33 820 93 96 Free
Fax: 00 221 33 823 5541
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