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City Guide, Cotonou

Cotonou , capital city of Benin, on the Gulf of Guinea. It is Benin's chief seaport and commercial center. Cotonou's airport and road and rail connections also make it the transportation and communications hub of Benin. The city has small-scale industries; manufactures include palm oil and cake, brewing, textiles, cement and other construction materials, aluminum sheet, beverages, and processed seafood. Motor vehicles and bicycles are assembled, and there are sawmills in the city. Cotonou is a distribution center for petroleum products, and bauxite and iron are exported (primarily to Guinea) from there. Drilling for offshore oil is carried on nearby. Cotonou has research institutes concerned with textiles, tropical agriculture, and geology.

Tourist attractions

The city has bouquet of small beaches. In the southern end of the country there are some lagoons consisting of the Pile villages. cotonou would be complimented with sightseeing of the waterfalls, hill and the grasslands of the country. Benin tourist destinations are spread all across the country.

The tour to Somba region would give the tourists pleasure to witness the exotic architecture and the cultural heritage. The experience of getting into a wildlife park is also possible in Benin. The tourist to Benin could visit the Pendjari Wildlife Park. The tourists can also visit Musee Historique d' Abomey which is a very attractive place and houses the palaces of ancient kings.

Culture and entertainment

Benin culture is rich and diverse, with influences from traditional tribal beliefs, including ‘voodooism’ (Vudun) as well as French from colonization. enin Music

Music is very important in all Benin tribal groups, and grammy nominated singer Angelique Kidjo is originally from Cotonou in Benin. Influences in music have a broad sphere from traditional West African with a French touch and French lyrics.

Literature is also a strong feature in Benin culture, with ancient cultures having strong oral storytelling roots before the French colonization.

Vudun or ‘voodoo’ culture plays a very important role in Benin tradition, and as a major religion this practice is far from the bloodthirsty image of Hollywood voodoo and more simply a form of animism. Voodoo markets can be found throughout Benin.

Arts include richly ornate cloth appliqué banners dating back to ancient Dahomey, as well as brass and brass artwork, mostly figures and iconic symbols.

Food and drink

Food in Cotonou, include, but are not limited to, Le Huit, Pili Pili, C\hez Maman Benin, Hai King, Maquis du Port, Bangkok Terrasse, Le Sorrento, Livingstone, Chez Clarisse, La Costa Rica, Restaurant Romantica, Maquis Le Lagon, La Verdure, Maquis le Mandingue, La Gerbe d’Or, Indiana, Faim Gourmet, Restaurant I’Amitie, Restaurant Mandarine and Sandwich Ladies.

When it comes to drinking Cotonou, has got even more to offer. E.g. Dynamic Hotel Nightclub, Yes Papa, The Irish Bar, Cosy African Bar, Street Bars, Jonquet District and Z:Everyone Dances .


By far, Cotonou is the best area in Benin (indeed, some say it even compares well with other areas in Nigeria itself) to indulge in a little shopping. Within Cotonou, the sprawling Dantokpa market houses the most unique shops at some of the fairest prices. You can find many local artisan crafts and sundries that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Many of these shops establish prices through bargaining, and this can add to the fun and excitement of shopping in a local market (even if your bargaining skills aren’t up to par). Some shops in this area include Farifana, the Maison du Vin, and the Wooding Textile Shop.

Cotonou Map

City Office
City: Cotonou
Address: Patte d’Oie, Lot n°31, Rue 390 de la CNSS
Mailing Address: Ethiopian Airlines, Cotonou Benin, P.O. Box 1051
Phone: +229 2131 0718 /+229 327 161 
Cell: +229 6406 6606
Working hours 0800 - 1700

General Sales Agent
City: Cotonou
Contact Person:

Email :
Tel: 00229 67022183

Phone: 00229 66338585
Working hours: Morning: 08:30Am - 01: 00 Pm 
Evening: 03:30 Pm - 07:00 Pm 
Saturday: 09:00 Am - 12:00Am

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