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City Guide, Conakry

Capital of Guinea and its Conakry region, SW Guinea, a port on the Atlantic Ocean. The name is also spelled Konakry. Located on Tombo island and connected with the mainland by a causeway, Conakry is Guinea's largest city and its administrative, communications, and economic center. Its economy revolves largely around the port, which has modern facilities for handling and storing cargo, and from which Guinea's chief exports, alumina and bananas, are shipped. A railroad connects Conakry with Kankan, E Guinea, and roads run to Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, and Mali.

The name of the city comes from the fusion of the name "Cona", a wine producer of the Baga people, and the word "nakiri", which means in Sosso the other bank or side

Tourist attractions

The first place comes to our mind is Guinea National Museum. It includes major historical and cultural things of the country and preserve them for the whole world to see. Then there are Guinea Palais du Peuple built by Ahmed Sekou Toure who was a prominent African leader. It was his residence during his presidency rule in Guinea.

Other than these informative places, you can also visit one of the fashionable regions of Conakry in Guinea. A group of islands called Iles de Los include three major islands namely; Tamara, Kassa, Roume and Coraille. However, two smaller islands Blanche and Cabris too lie close to the rest of them. The place earlier used for the ugly slave trading has now been transformed into the most visited tourist places. The beach areas have good resorts and interiors are covered with dense forests for the tourists to enjoy their holidays among an exotic environment.

Culture and entertainment

A beautiful view of rich African culture can be seen in the locales of Conakry. The streets are lively and markets are colorful. You can find all oriental items from clothes, jewelry, decorative pieces to even food items in the stalls that are bustling with tourists all day and night. Do not forget to buy these ethnic items that present the vibrancy of African culture. They make unique souvenirs too. In this article, we tell you where to visit while you are in the city of Conakry.

Sightseeing in Conakry is a pleasure, as there are several attractions within a short walking distance. The National Museum in Conakry is one of the best museums in Guinea. It has a good collection of traditional Guinean items like masks, statues and musical instruments. The museum has a free entrance. A popular attraction, the Palace of the OAU is used as the office of the Guinean President. Conakry Grand Mosque and St. Mary's Cathedral built in the 1930s are also worth visiting.

Food and drink

Conakry is home to several restaurants that serve a wide range of cuisine, including ethnic African blended styles, Portuguese, French, British, continental, Asian and American culinary styles.

Hotels in Conakry are numerous and offer a wide selection of accommodation. There are both cheap, mid-range and luxurious five-star hotels. Many hotels have excellent seaside locations and all modern services like restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts and more. Compared to other destinations in Guinea the prices are quite high but you will certainly find an accommodation to suit your budget and taste.


There are several colorful and bustling markets in Conakry which are hubs for shopping in Conakry. It is here you can buy Guinean clothes, handicrafts, jewelry, fruits and vegetables at very reasonable prices. Bargaining is expected when shopping in Conakry.

Conakry City Map

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