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City Guide, Brazzaville

Brazzaville city capital of the Republic of the Congo,  on Pool Malebo of the Congo River. The centre of Brazzaville is the administrative and commercial centre of the country, not least because of its river and port connections. The city is also home to the regional headquarters of the World Health Organization, national university, a Roman Catholic cathedral and the Poto-Poto School of African Art.

Tourist attractions

Most of the tourist attractions are located in the capital city Brazzaville. Specially to stay your holiday to Brazzaville are: Basilique Sainte : - Anne of the Congo- was built by Roger Erell and is one of the most beautiful modern churches in the world. Palais Du Peuple : - Palais Du Peuple is a magnificent colonial palace built in 1901. Today, it is the presidential palace.

Cathedral Sacre-Coeur : - Cathedral Sacre-Coeur is a Catholic church constructed by Mr. Augouard offering the views of downtown areas such as Poto Poto and Centrevilleetc.Pierre Savorgnan De Brazza Memorial : - Pierre Savorgnan De Brazza Memorial is a new but wonderful marble construction made in the memory of Pierre Savorgnan and his family.Le Palais Des Congres : - The Palace of the Congresses and Le Palais du Peuple : - The Palace of the People.

Culture and entertainment

Congo Culture History and Archaeology - Culture history, archaeological sites, and other information related to the past of the modern country of Congo .Evenings hold a lot of charm in Brazzaville. As the sun dips, the action starts and people brace up themselves for the rocking night ahead.

Ram Dam : - Ram Dam is a nightclub located at Laico Maya-Maya Brazzaville Hotel. It is one of the expensive but excellent bars in Brazzaville. Boom Boom Afrique : - Boom Boom Afrique is a superb lounge and scores high on the list of best hangouts in Brazzaville. Diplomat : - Diplomat is a local hotspot where you can listen to local bands, watch local dancers and enjoy local karaoke. 3 D Bar : - 3 D Bar is located close to Exotic Palace restaurant. This bar/lounge is a favorite among the young and hip crowd in Brazzaville.

Food and drink

Restaurants in Brazzaville offer you the best culinary experiences. The local food is very much familiar with French cuisines. You will discover abundant use of chicken and sea ingredients such as fish, oysters and shrimps in the dishes. One world wide dish of Brazzaville is Mouamba, which is chicken in palm oil. Most of the times there is heavy use of the spices in the local delicacies. Even there are numerous western style restaurants available in Brazzaville that serve awesome food at reasonable prices. Most of the best restaurants are located on the banks of the Congo river, thus offering you a fascinating view to admire while you eat.


Undoubtedly Shopping in Brazzaville is altogether a marvelous experience but expensive too. The town has all kinds of things available but almost at four times the price of thing available anywhere else in the world. Below are some of the very popular shopping places amongst the people :

Casino : - Casino has the largest supermarket where everything is overpriced.

Marche Du Plateau Craft Market : - Marche Du Plateau Craft Market is a hot spot for shopping where you can find an exclusive range of crafts, clothes and souvenirs etc. Bargaining is a must.

Tala Na Miso : - Tala Na Miso is located on the same road as the Marche du Plateau craft market. It specializes in wood carvings and some brass work. You will also get an excellent collection of paintings from local artists but they are very expensive.

Brazzaville City Map

City Office
City: Brazzaville
Address: Avenue Foch face, ministere de l'economie, des finances
Lignelet Suzane photo, Rez de chausse (ground floor)
Mailing address: P.O Box 14125
Phone: +242-066712020 /+242 05 331 2020/ 06 833 9333
Working hours: Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 18:00
Saturdays: 08:00 - 14:30
Sundays : 10:00-14:00
Airport office
Airport : Maya-Maya Airport
Phone 00242 0650 80 491
Working hours : Mon- Sun :8.00AM-6.00PM
City Office
City: Ponte Noire
City OfficeAddress: 52,Avenue Charles De Gaulle Street,
Immeube Lincoln Immoco.
Ground Floor .
Phone: 06 9833563 / 06 670 0252 /065100663
Working hours: Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 19:00
Saturdays: 08:00 - 18:00
Sundays : 10:00 - 14:00
Airport: Ponte Noire
Phone: 242-069281057
General Sales Agent
Company: Euro World Sarl
Address: Euro World Sarl,Immeuble Arc-En face chambre de Commerce,
1st floor-Centre Ville,Brazzaville
Phone: +242-06 833 9333 / 06 510 0663
Fax: 31 020 655 3686

Maya-Maya Airport Map

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