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City Guide, Brussels

Brussels is a magnificent city with diverse history and traditions. Being an administrative centre of many international organizations and a home of the headquarters of numerous institutions Brussels is also considered an important international centre and the capital of the European Union.

The Brussels-Capital region consists of 19 municipalities like each of them has individual responsibilities for the law enforcement, roads, schools and other local level duties. Therefore there are separate municipal administrations with different Mayors and councils.

Tourist Attractions

Brussels offers also a number of other tourist attractions. When visiting the Belgian capital, one should see the one-of-the-kind Atomium – a steel and aluminium structure which has become an internationally recognised symbol of the city and the whole country. The view from the top is really impressive. Another symbol of Brussels is the sculpture of a young boy called Manneken Pis. It's equally popular, although much smaller at its humble 30 centimetres than the 102-metre-tall Atomium. The central square (Grand Place) features many old buildings, among them and the City Hall (Hôtel de Ville), one of the most popular landmarks in the city.

Culture & Entertainment

The communities tend to make their individual and collective cultural choices mainly from within their own community, and then, when going beyond, the Flemish draw intensively from both the English-speaking culture (which dominates sciences, professional life and most news media) and the Netherlands, whereas French-speakers focus on cultural life in France and elsewhere in the French-speaking world, and less outside.

The country offers plenty of fun things to do for all ages. Brussels boasts all of the nightlife, cultural and entertainment options you'd expect from a cosmopolitan capital city, while the smaller cities of Ghent and Bruges offer a more laid-back approach to going out.

Food and Drink

Belgian cuisine ranks with its art treasures _a feast for the taste as well as the eye. This passion for food ensures that visitors will enjoy great meals in all restaurants from gourmet to cafe.

Two of the most famous dishes of Belgium are its steak fries and waffles. Both dishes contrary to popular belief originated within Belgian borders .The countries dishes have a popular re-occurring; theme rich creamy sauces that are flavor filled. Belgium produces not probably, but most certainly, the best beer in the world. The real Belgian Fries, many of the most common European vegetables, such as peas, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. were developed or first cultivated in Belgium.


Belgian specialties are lace, both antique and new; crystal from the Val St.-Lambert factory; diamonds from Antwerp; tapestries from Tournai; and, of course, the justly famous chocolates.

In Brussels, primary shopping streets are avenue Louise for luxury boutiques; Galeries St.-Hubert for quality goods; rue Neuve, a pedestrian shopping mall with department stores and a wide variety of shops; and the Galerie du Sablon and surrounding area for antiques.

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