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City Guide, Beirut

The capital of Lebanon, Beirut is enjoying a growing revival of its reputation as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Middle East. The city's architecture is a blend of French colonial buildings and religious structures sprinkled between modern skyscrapers and apartment buildings. Beirut is divided into several districts, including Ashrafieh, which is the focal point of Western culture in the city; Hamra, home to an abundance of shops and restaurants; Manara and Jnah, which are home to hotels and beach clubs; and Ramlet el Baida.

Tourist attraction

Beirut is uncommonly blessed with its wide range of sights and activities  If you're a culture junkie, be sure to check out the National Museum of Beirut, which houses some important archaeological artefacts; and the Temples of Baalbek, the world's finest surviving example of Imperial Roman architecture. If languishing on the beach is more your thing, you can do that at Ramlet el Baida (the city's sandy beach) - and if you're more of an adventurous holidaymaker. Whether mixing with locals on the Corniche at sunset, browsing some of Beirut's cosmopolitan shops and restaurants, or exploring the incredible underground cave network of the Jeita Grotto, you're sure to be blissfully busy while on holiday in Beirut.

Culture and entertainment

The Lebanon-Society and Culture has a long historical and traditional background. Lebanon population is made up of several ethnic groups. The Lebanon-Society and Culture is mainly consisted of the Arabian people.

Music is an indispensable part of the Lebanese culture. The wild beats and the folk tunes are famous all over the world for its rich variety and melodious rhythms.

Food and drink

Of all countries which boast a 'Mediterranean diet', Lebanon is one of the luckiest when it comes to the richness and variety of its fresh produce. The mouth-watering taste and rich aroma of the delicacies are well famous throughout the world. Top-quality Lebanese restaurants are spread throughout Beirut - pick one where the produce is on display, as the freshness of the food is largely the point. The traditional Lebanese meal known as 'Mezze' consists of up to thirty hot and cold dishes, including salads such as tabbouleh and fattouche.. For those who prefer international cuisine, don't worry, Beirut is famously cosmopolitan, and has a huge array of high-end international dining options (most of them located in the Ashrafieh district, just east of Beirut's CBD).


Beirut is known as the 'fashion capital' of the Middle East - and visitors to Lebanon who're looking to augment their wardrobes with some stylish additions would do well to spend some time looking around the nation's capital. The best places to shop for fashion and accessories in Beirut are Hamra Street and Rue Verdun; although Mar-Elias Street is lined with stores stocked with Lebanese brands, which are generally cheaper. Organised markets in Beirut include the wonderful Souk El Tayeb, held in Saifi Village (itself a shopping hot-spot); and the Sunday Market, which operates between 7am and 1pm next to Beirut River in the east of the city.

Beirut Map

City Office
City: Beirut
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Working hours: Mon - Fri 08:00 – 16:00
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Airport Office
Airport: Rafic Hariri International
Address: Airport Raod, 1st Floor room number 1114
Phone: +961 162 9814
Working hours: 2200 - 0600(Mon - Sun)
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