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City Guide, Abidjan

Abidjan is Côte d'Ivoire's administrative center, commercial capital, and largest city. Its modern port is centered on Little Bassam Island, which is linked with the rest of the city by two bridges; the Vridi Canal passing through the lagoon bar provides access to the Atlantic Ocean. Coffee, cacao, timber, pineapples, manganese, and plantains are the chief items shipped from the port. Abidjan's major industries are food processing, sawmilling, automotive assembly, and the manufacture of textiles, chemicals, beverages, and soap.

Tourist attraction

Abidjan is a unique city in Africa. Its nicknames, such as "Manhattan of the tropics", "Small Manhattan" or "Pearl of the lagoons", explain the city's unpredictable and triumphant image. With its accommodation facilities – such as the Golf Hôtel – and sporting facilities, its lively night life, transport and communication lines as well as its impressiveness, it is the perfect city for business tourism.

Abidjan also has beaches around the lagoon, with palm and coconut trees, in the Vridi area, which are very popular at weekends with the picturesque sight of the pineapple and coconut sellers. Aside from this, the city has its rainforest reserve, the Parc National du Banco, where you can go trekking and be amazed with its majestic trees and sparkling lake. However, there is little wildlife in the reserve.

Culture and entertainment

The Treichville mosque, the Cocody mosque, the Plateau Mosque,]andSaint-Paul’s Cathedral in Abjan, created by the architect Aldo Spirito and inaugurated by Pop John Paul II in 1985, make up the city's main religious buildings. The cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Abidjan.

To experience nightlife in Abidjan all you have to do is go to Princess Road in Yopougon. Experience African music with live bands in a number of bars and nightclubs along Princess Road. Drink and relax while DJs play African sounds. Club goers are also free to dance to the African beat. The famous spicy chicken prepared along the street adds to the lively African atmosphere. Some regard Princess Road as the center of night activities in the City.

Food and drink

Abidjan and other centers have restaurants serving Caribbean, French, Italian, Lebanese and Vietnamese food. There is a growing number of African restaurants catering for foreigners. The best area for spicy African food is the Treichville district of Abidjan. The blue pages of the Abidjan telephone book have a special restaurant section. There are no restrictions on drinking.

National specialties:

  • Kedjenou (chicken cooked with different vegetables and sealed in banana leaves).
  • N’voufou (mashed bananas or yam mixed with palm oil and served with aubergine sauce).
  • Attieké (cassava dish)


There are lots of opportunities for a great Abidjan Shopping spree in this city of the Ivory Coast or Cote d’Ivorie. There are many shopping centers and shopping malls which offer variety of items and goods ranging from the high prices to the cheap. The best opportunity for buyers is in the markets of Abidjan which possess marvelous varieties of textile, jewelry, masks, pottery, woodcarvings, and musical instruments. Le Plateau is the city’s business hub where chic boutiques and al fresco cafes are to be found. The place is much frequented by business travelers. If you are looking for a good place to shop, you will be able to find several places here that offer excellent items for sale.

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