1.Click the United Bank Mobile APP, then you will get menu as shown below;


2.Select or click on Login icon from previous menu, then you will get sub menu as shown below. Then   Enter your mobile number( don not start with”0”,  simply put your number like 911627434),PIN number and select login button


Then you will get sub menu that displays all options as shown below

3.The below menu displays all available functions or services. In order to pay for your EAL ticket, select funds transfer from below menu


4.System displays all your accounts that you opened at United Bank as shown below. Then select one of your account in which you want to pay for the EAL flight ticket.


5.System displays sub menu as shown below. Then select “To Other Account” option as shown below:


System displays additional space that enables you to enter other account number, Amount and space to write reference(Narrative) as shown below: message


6.Enter the account number in which Flocash system sends to you via SMS, enter Amount or price of ticket and also Reference numbers sent by Flocash(Note that these three data i.e, Account Number, Amount and Reference number/Narrative are sent by Flocash to your mobile via SMS). Pease enter these values correctly.


7.Enter also your Transaction PIN number and select OK button from previous menu. Then system will provide you confirmation screen as shown below. Then press OK button that will complete your transaction.


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