Acceptance of Pregnant Woman

  •   Normal pregnancy cases are acceptable up to 28 weeks both on domestic & international flights without a need for medical clearance from attending doctor. But expectant mother should fill pregnancy certificate & present it during check-in / boarding
  •   Medical clearance using pregnancy certificate to be required after 28 weeks, which shall be filled by the attending doctor.
  •   Travel permitted until 36 weeks for domestic & short flights with flight time not more than 2 hours
  •   Travel permitted until 34 weeks for international flights more than 2 hours provided that passenger has medical approval.    

General notes

  1.        Medical clearance (form to be filled by attending doctor) & approval not needed before 28 weeks.
  2.        Medical clearance by attending doctor is required after 28 weeks.
  3.        Travel permitted until 36 weeks and 34 weeks depending on flight length.
  •   Medical clearance from ET medical services is required only for complicated and exceptional cases of pregnancies

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